What we do

We are builders based in Somerset BUT have made our mark and reputation in the building
industry by the creation and build of high quailty energy saving homes.

We are incredibly proud that almost all of our work comes from recommendations and referrals.
Our entire team, from office staff to sub-contractors, work to a set of guiding principles, that make sure
that we deliver our projects on time and with minimal stress. 

All of our contractors are fully trained, qualified and insured and all of our work is fully guaranteed.
We are proud to be an approved and recommended member of our trade associations.

We handle everything from start to finish

Every aspect of any New Build or Renovation is set in stages and planned with both the customer
and our staff. We then deliver evey aspect of the build including all trades and craftmens from the ground
work, to the electricians the painters, the kitchen fitters and the landscapers and when required we will source
any specialist suppliers such as thatchers or tree surgeons.


Thinking about Energy Savings, then talk to us!

Renewable energy is here to stay so if you have a project in mind we are happy to listen and offer advice

Solar PVA>

Solar Photovoltaic Panels convert sunlight to usable electrical energy. When fitted to your home they will supply 
electricity during daylight hours, saving you buying electricity from the grid.

We also provide complete Battery storage systems.


Heat Pumps

Heat pumps take ambient heat from the ground, water or air and converts it into usable heat for your home in the form
of hot water or space heating.

Ground source pumps take heat from the ground which at just a meter down is a fairly constant temperature after it has been
warmed by the sun over the summer months. This low grade heat is taken from the ground using pipes buried at more than
a meter deep or bore holes down to a depth of 100 meters and is concentrated by the pumps to a higher temperature, making
it more useful for domestic heating needs.

Air Source Pumps take heat from the air and like ground source converts this low grade heat to useful energy used in the dwelling
for heating and hot water purposes. We fit air source pumps that work very efficiently at outside temperatures of -20 degrees.


Biomass Boilers

Wood-fuelled heating systems, also called biomass systems, burn wood pellets, chips or logs to provide central heating
and hot water. The fuel is either derived from waste materials or crops that are specifiically grown as fuel and therefore
are classed as carbon neutral. Controlled in a very similar way to an oil or gas boiler, biomass boilers are very efficient
which makes it very viable in rural locations that currently have oil or LPG heating systems.

Biomass Boilers are fitted to MCS specifications and are eligible for the BUS Government Grant scheme.

At GreenStart -dbr we're pleased to say we're one of a limited number of UK companies to have achieved
SMA Advanced status
, so you can choose us with complete confidence